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Sowing Seeds
I developed an interest in natural beauty products as a graduate student studying chemistry. While in graduate school, I decided to stop chemically straightening my hair because I simply wanted to change my look and style. While researching and trying out a variety of products to go with my new hairdo, the chemist in me kicked into overdrive as I realized some of the products we use on our hair and skin may possibly have a negative effect on our health. Some products on the market don’t even list all of the ingredients on the label, so we don’t always know exactly what we are putting on our bodies. I committed to using natural and organic products.

Sprouting Seeds
A few years after finishing graduate school, I started thinking about making natural personal care products for my own use. It wasn’t until I took a soap-making course that things started to click. I really enjoyed making soap and creating different scent combinations. Everyone who tried my soap seemed to love it, too. After giving away a ton of soap, I finally had my “a-ha” moment and decided to sell my creation.

Blooming Flower
The name “Blooming Flower” was born when I attended a party with a family friend. While mingling and joking with several of the guests, I was told I looked like a blooming flower because of my big hair and big smile. The phrase caught me off guard, but I definitely remembered it. Realizing that creating soap and starting this business is truly part of my life’s purpose feels as if I have come into my own as a woman and as an adult, like a flower coming into bloom. I hope that you enjoy our products and that you allow your purpose to bloom as well.

Peace and Blessings,

Ryan Kinloch, PhD
Founder, Blooming Flower